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Reference by amz86 Recommended

Amie Boulton said... What a legend!!! Martin is one of those photographers who you sit and admire their work and think, wow, how amazing would it be to work with him, so, when he replied to a comment i made on one of his images saying he would like to work with me you can imagine how excited i was and i was not going to miss this opportunity. I arranged to head to London to work with both himself and also the equally talented Iulia David and mua Bryanna for a day of awesomeness and that's exactly what it was! I loved every minute of the day lots of giggles whilst producing some epic work. Martin was a pleasure to model for and the banter always makes a shoot flow easier. I saw the boc's and im super excited to see the final results. I couldn't have wished for a more fun productive day. If you have the chance to work with Martin....snap it up and don't miss your chance!! Thank you for expressing your interest and joining me and Iulia for the day i had a blast Smile Shot 2 months ago

Reference by daisybrightmakeup Recommended

DaisyBrightMakeUp said... I really enjoyed working with Martin for the second time on a location shoot in London. We covered a number of sets very quickly in a short space of time, I was delighted to work with Martin again! He a lovely person, a lot of fun to work with, full of brilliant ideas and highly talented. We have produced some fantastic images and I look forward to working together again soon, Daisy Shot 4 months ago

Reference by nicolerayner Recommended

Nicole Rayner said... I Shot with Martin for the first time today at Studio 33 in London!!! What a privilege it was to finally meet and work with Martin!! His work is just awesome!! And i felt very lucky to get to be part of it! Martin is such a lovely chap! He is very warm and friendly and so down to earth! I enjoyed his company and really enjoyed being shot by him! It is clear how skilled Martin is - his lighting was without fault today! The shots looked incredible on the back of the camera! It was amazing to see just how awesome an image could be without any retouching whatsoever! I cannot wait to see what the final images look like!! Martin is great an envisaging a shot! His composition is great and he is great at directing models into getting them into that perfect position to really bring the shot he has envisaged to reality! What I also loved was how much respect Martin showed me throughout the shoot! And he made sure I was happy with the shots as well as him before we finished a set! I may add also that he is quick!! He does not mess about when it comes to shooting - yet he still produces amazing results! Really loved shooting with Martin! Would love to shoot with him again and would recommend him to any model!! Shot 6 months ago

Reference by lanky1 Recommended

karina1 said... just had a wonderful beauty shoot with Martin and make up artist Clare bradshaw. Firstly everything ran smoothly Martin collected me from the station and made Sure we had lunch for the dayπŸ‘ we shot 4 different make up changes and every shot Martin took was just stunning! the lighting was beautiful! Martin is highly talented photographer and very easy going and down to earth. I would highly recommend if u get the chance to work with him. karina Shot 6 months ago

Reference by brudnosiuke Recommended

TimeForWhiskey said... Martin and his work is just brilliant. It's even difficult to choose right words to describe it (ok i tryyyy: Freaking amazing, awesome, gorgeous and breathtaking art that inspires , and makes to say wooow continuously). πŸ’• but anyone who saw his work would now And appreciate it πŸ’– so let me tell my personal experience about the photo shoot 😊 First of all, i couldn't believe that Martin decided to work with me. In my opinion, he is one of the best photographers in the UK or even more. So i was really excited / scared / nervous and happy all at the same time. Luckily, MUAH Natalie joined the team so i got more confidence (oy i was working with a dream team. Nothing could stop us 😍) . Further, Martin was so lovely and friendly. Although, i saw him just for the first time, i felt very safe, relaxed and just enjoyed lovely atmosphere. I swear, i could even give him my keys of my house or bank details, this is how trustful he came across. P.S. he has a great taste in music tooπŸ‘ Also, it was easy work for me as Martin directed me with posing. I prepared a million poses in my mind but didnt need anything as Martin could see my best angles without any help. Lastly, it was a really fun photo shoot with lots of laugh, nice conversations and an awesome company. Definetely counting it as one of my greatest achievements (sorry will be bragging about it for a long time) πŸ˜œπŸ’— Thank You, Martin, for this an amazing oportunity to be a part of Your art and experience all the process. I'm really calling myself lucky after this. Stay awesome! ❀Bzzzzzzzzz.... 🐝🐝🐝 xx Muchos love, Rosita Shot 7 months ago

Reference by lyssanoir Recommended

Lyssa Noir said... I feel very lucky to have shot with Martin and a great team and Tower Bridge Penthouse on Saturday! He has plenty of original ideas regarding posing, lights, locations - we got some amazing shots in the corner of a bathroom quickly and flawlessly edited the next day. Great shoot and really raised the quality of my portfolio - hope to shoot again! Shot 8 months ago

Reference by jessicasfreelancing Recommended

Jessica Ann said... It was a delight working with Martin for the first time last Saturday! Not only is he a great photographer and inspiration but he is also a real gentleman, he instantly made me feel comfortable and was very polite. I am very pleased with the images we created with the wonderful team he provided and I am looking forward to shooting with Martin again. Shot 9 months ago

Reference by saramuaswindon Recommended

Makeup_to_Allure said... It is a luxury to work with Martin He is incredibly talented . The images are beautiful and artistic. Would love to work with him again Shot 9 months ago

Reference by bethsmithmodel Recommended

Beth Smith said... I have been dying to work with Martin since I started Modelling and I finally got the chance to on Saturday! Martin showed up on time and was so friendly instantly! We bounced ideas off of each other and got straight to shooting. Martin was so easy to work with, he's such a professional and knows exactly what he's doing. When everything was set up he just let me get on with poses, whilst giving direction when needed. Martin is very creative, which made working with him so easy as he always had ideas! You can tell photography is his absolute passion and he gives everything into it! The results speak for themselves, Martin is an amazing photographer and I would recommend him to anyone! I hope to work with him again Smile Shot last year

Reference by oliviahargreaves Recommended

Olivia Hargreaves said... Leaving a good reference cannot credit Martin enough. He is my favourite man to work with and is a great person who is lovely, one of the nicest men I've ever met. He is so talented as per his work and some of the best images I have had have come from him. Amazing Shot last year Reference by daisybrightmakeup(Report) (View images)Recommended DaisyBrightMakeUp said... I really enjoyed working with Martin in Stevenage, I have been a fan of his work for a while and was delighted to have the chance to work with him and a top team. Martin is great fun to work with and highly talented; I look forward to working with him again soon. Highly recommended !! Daisy Shot last year

Reference by laurafaye Recommended

Laura Faye said... I've worked with Martin twice now, we shot Last week. He's always such a pleasure to work with, always has a smile on his face and will make the shoot a lot of fun, he always gets the perfect picture and he asks for your own personal opinion too which is so nice. I've been super pleased with the photos each time we have worked together and I'd recommend him to anyone! Amazing photographer and genuinely wonderful guy 😊 Shot last year

Reference by josephinephillips Recommended

Josephine Phillips said... Martin was amazing. He added me to the group shoot at the last minute and I was a little nervous. I was the first to arrive and he instantly made me feel more than welcome. He has a great sense of humour and is very easy to be around on set. I felt very comfortable the whole time. Even after the shoot, Martin made sure that I was well looked after. I haven't laughed so hard for so long in a while! I've been looking through the images and I absolutely love them. Would absolutely recommend working with Martin. He's a dream pro. Shot last year

Reference by stephaniedubois Recommended

Stephanie Dubois said... Shooting with Martin is so easy and such a delight.He is so laid back and knows what hes doing and the kind of shots he's looking to achieve. Each look was sot quickly and with minimum of fuss, once we had the shot we moved on. Very highly recommended - great guy! Shot last year

Reference by reda Recommended

Re Da said... He says that photography is like a hobby and passion for him but please! I would say he is really professional photographer! His stunning portfolio speaks for him! Creative, open-mined, self chalanging, friendly, amazing...There is no end to describe him as person and as photopger! I'm very happy to work with him second time and I'm looking foward to working with Martin Higgs in future! Highly recommended! Shot last year

Reference by amyprifti Recommended

Amy Prifti said... I love working with Martin. Not only is he an amazing photographer but he is also one of the loveliest men you could ever meet. We always work as a mutual team and he will put input into my make-up creations, so we always achieve the best results we can. He directs models really well and I completely trust him to get 'the shot'. Martin has a great eye for detail and he makes me be a better make-up artist. Can't wait until we get to shoot again Smile Shot 2 years ago

Reference by shannonpagee Recommended

ShannonPagee said... So yesterday I has the pleasure of working with Martin and it truly was a pleasure. Martin was so friendly, talented, easy going, fun guy. I felt very comfortable shooting with him. Martin had a new camera that myself and 2 other models put to good use straight away. We tried out a lot of different style using strong studio lights and then natural light from a window. I saw a lot of the images on the camera and there amazing and barely need editing!! Martin gave me great direction but also allowed me to be free and model my way. I'm so glad I met Martin yesterday, & I would really love to work with him on more shoots! 100% recommended. Thanks Martin your awesome! Shot 2 years ago

Reference by charxrose Recommended

Charxrose said... Martin was working with his friend Dave during our shoot together, he was very knowledgeable super friendly and so talented! he is so approachable and makes you feel 100% comfortable he knows so much about what makes a beautiful photo and works hard to ensure lighting etc is perfect. I would recommend him 100% so lovely to meet you martin! thank you so much! Shot 2 years ago

Reference by nikkitippingmua Recommended

Nikki Tipping Hair & Make Up Artist said... I had a great shoot with Martin a couple of weeks ago at a studio in London. !artin is polite, professional and extremely talented at what he does. He. Let me take complete direction with the makeup and shot my work beautifully. Would recommend to all.. Shot 2 years ago

Reference by sophlois Recommended

Sophie Lois said... Martin is a highly skilled photographer with a true passion for what he does. He knows what he wants and is a great communicator. All of this paired with a wonderfuly wicked sense of humour, you just can't go wrong! It would be an absolute pleasure to work with him again in the future. Shot 2 years ago Reference by charlottte(Report) (View images)Recommended Charlottte said... Working with Martin was an absolute pleasure. I stepped in last minute for a Portrait Tuition session and communication was key to making it work. Even though I had some travel issues, Martin was extremely accommodating, professional and I had such a great time at the course! I wouldn't hesitate to work with Martin again and I would recommend him to any model! Shot 2 years ago

Reference by stripey Recommended

Stripey said... I've worked with Martin a few times for hair shoots, I enjoy working with Martin and he produces great shots and is very professional. He knows exactly what he wants from shots, but also allows me to be creative and come up with poses. I've always enjoyed shooting with Martin and love seeing the final images. Shot 3 years ago

Reference by amyprifti Recommended

Amy Prifti said... It was great to work with Martin. His work is outstanding so I felt very privileged to get the chance to work together. We had 3 models and 6 looks were planned and achieved. Having seen the raw photos, I am so excited to see the final edits and can't wait to show them in my portfolio. Martin is a professional, lovely man. He is easy to get along with and I would highly recommend him to everyone..... We MUST work together again sometime soon! Smile Shot 3 years ago

Reference by clarebmua Recommended

Clare Bradshaw MUA said... I had the pleasure of working with Martin last week. He is a very professional and talented photographer. And on top of that he is a really nice, down to earth person who I would happily work with any day! I'm very proud to have his work in my portfolio and I highly recommend him. Thanks again Martin 😊 Clare x Shot 3 years ago

Reference by ambertutton Recommended

Amber Tutton said... I've worked with Martin twice now, I worked with him recently on a workshop with Damien Lovegrove, orginised by Jean mua. We had a very grand location, makeup etc was a wonderful day! Martin only took a handful of shots of me as he was assisting the event.. But the handful that he took as truly breathtaking! Adore the images & always impressed Thanks Martin Highly recommended 😊 Shot 3 years ago

Reference by jayey Recommended

Jaye said... I arranged a shoot during my short trip back to the UK, incredibly fortunate to be able to shoot with Martin and the team! Brilliant day with great creatives on board, and created fabulous looks. Martin is superb to shoot with: he knows how to adapt to different working styles, has a vision, knows what he's after in an image, patient and on whole a super lovely photographer to work with. I'd highly recommend him to creatives at all various levels and categories. Shot 3 years ago

Reference by bhrose Recommended

Rosa Brighid said... I am a very lucky model! I got to work with Martin at Jean's manor house event in London! I really enjoy Martin's shooting style, great fun attitude and skill. His portfolio speaks for its self... it's FANTASTIC - would be honored to work him again- thanks again, 5 stars. Shot 3 years ago Reference by bekapritchards(Report)Recommended BekaPritchards said... I've had the joy of working with Martin on a number of shoots and I can't recommend him enough. Not only is he an extremely talented photographer he is very funny and makes every shoot a great laugh. If I'm ever around Essex again you'll be the first to know! Shot 3 years ago

Reference by makeupbysian Recommended

MakeUpbySian said... I have now worked with Martin on two occasions. What a talented photographer - you only need to browse over his portfolio to see that for yourself. What makes Martin stand out for me is his professionalism, his calming nature and willingness to help. I very much look forward to working with and recommending Martin in the future! Shot 4 years ago

Reference by anniemua Recommended

Annie Daniel MUA said... I worked with martin today he is very professional and very talented. The photos that were taken are amazing and cannot wait to see them finished! I would recommend Martin to anyone! Shot 4 years ago

Reference by ginanegus Recommended

Gina Negus said... Martin and I have worked together for a good few years now. I have shot with many many photographers both in the UK and Abroad and I can safely say hands down, the majority of my portfolio are photo's Martin has taken! I know I will ALWAYS get a decent shoot when i'm with Martin! Without a doubt one of my favourite photographers and we always have a laugh on set too! Very professional yet very fun friendly and genuinely a decent guy too! x Shot 4 years ago

Reference by colbrin Recommended

Colbrin said... Martin is fantastic and has managed to somehow fly under the radar on here. Most friendly person you will ever meet. He is friendly and super passionate about what he does. He works alongside huge huge huge names in the model,makeup, designer, hair and magazine world. Published in the u.k, the states and god knows where else. If you get the opportunity to work along side him. TAKE IT!!!! I've worked with him on a number of projects over the years and have nothing but praise for him. Team Higgs all the way! Shot 4 years ago

Reference by romaniesmith Recommended

Romanie Smith said... I have had the pleasure of working with Martin a few times - he is quite simply AMAZING - a genuine, warm and wonderful person and an incredibly talented, professional photographer. I love Martin's work and am proud of have images from him in my port! Can't wait to work with Martin again, can't recommend him enough! With love Romanie xx Shot 4 years ago

Reference by ambertutton Recommended

Amber Tutton said... i have only worked with Martin the once, but he's taken photos of me at 2 events also?? so not sure if that still classes as shoots? he is brilliant! he's comfortable getting work for models, he has a great friendly attitude about him, he will help anyone! working with him was relaxed and fun! i posed freely and yep! we got the images that other people would die for! highly recommended & will be working with him again very soon Big smile Shot 4 years ago

Reference by alivya Recommended

Alivya V Free said... Martin is not only a very talented photographer but also a true professional. I had a brilliant time working with him and I absolutely love the shots he created. I hope to work with him again in the future! Shot 4 years ago

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